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01_hello_world - nvs: Remove flash layout arguments from nvs_init()
02_blink - nvs: Remove flash layout arguments from nvs_init() 1
03_http_request - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bugfix/modify_some_wifi_apis' in…
04_https_request - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bugfix/modify_some_wifi_apis' in…
05_ble_adv - Add very simple "hello world" & "blink" examples

Using Examples
  • Building examples is the same as building any other project:

  • Follow the setup instructions in the top-level esp-idf README.

  • Set IDF_PATH environment variable to point to the path to the esp-idf top-level directory.

  • Change into the directory of the example you'd like to build.

  • make menuconfig to configure the example. Most examples require a simple WiFi SSID & password via this configuration.

  • make to build the example.

  • Follow the printed instructions to flash, or run make flash.

Copying Examples

Each example is a standalone project. The examples do not have to be inside the esp-idf directory. You can copy an example directory to anywhere on your computer in order to make a copy that you can modify and work with.

The IDF_PATH environment variable is the only thing that connects the example to the rest of the esp-idf system.

If you're looking for a more bare-bones project to start from, try esp-idf-template .

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